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Tallulah Bankhead

Tallulah, aka "Tootie," arrived in December 2016 with big sister Juliette.  She had come to Caromont Farm about a month before from a farm who could no longer care for their goats and she was in a pretty bad way. She had a bum leg, lice, a cold with a runny nose and a cough, AND she was really scared of people!  She is younger than our other goats by about 5 or 6 months, and thus she instantly became low-goat on the totem pole and Juliette often stepped in to play referee. 

Tootie has grown in to a lovely, strong girl and just might make a play for the queen spot someday. She has a striking coat with a ridge of longer hair down the middle of her back that looks like a mohawk when she gets her hackles up!  She's very photogenic and has adorably pink lips. Tootie's hobbies include getting inside the tire with Janet, terrorizing Ruth, and sleeping soundly in positions that make us think something terrible has happened to her.


Born: Late Summer 2016

Color: cou clair/ peacock

Weight: 90 lbs

Beard? a fledgling one!