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March Challenge: Exercise Every Damn Day!

So, you might know I'm a rather squishy individual and I talk about living a more healthy lifestyle often. But, true to my "I-didn't-get-this-squishy-overnight" nature, I typically pull stunts like going to yoga class then eating peppermint stick ice cream for dinner.

Enter March's Challenge: Exercise Every Damn Day!

I made myself a loose schedule so I wouldn't do the same stuff every day and get bored, or forget to work on different areas, and get different types of exercise. I'm going to kind of wing it a bit and hopefully try some new things I can incorporate into my life not only for one month, but going forward, as well. I started with the yoga class I attend at work since it's always on the same days each week. I'm so lucky to have a workplace that supports its employees wellness to the extent they offer $4 yoga classes right there in the store! I printed out some basic arm/leg/core workouts that I can do at home with little to no equipment (I do own 3 lb weights, so...) For cardio, I can choose from a lot of options, whether it's taking a walk outside, stepping up and down our porch steps (bonus legs!), jumping rope, or helping Stephen with some of the heavier work outside. The point is to just do something every day to instill moving more as a habit, rather than a special event.

I mean, come on, who doesn't have 10 minutes to spare in their day to do something active? I certainly do!


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