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Juliette Gordon Low

Juliette came to us by way of Caromont Farm in December 2016. She quickly took on the role of Protector, both for little sister Tootie and for the whole herd! Since then, she's become the "class clown" and is extremely jealous of the other girls who get between her and Janet. She is the first to give warning "sneezes" whenever she thinks danger may be lurking, or when she's worked up about some perceived injustice.

Juliette has an interesting coat, with a bold geometric pattern on one side and the black part of her coat curls up tightly when it's very humid! She loves to roll around in the dirt and jump and kick around the pen, especially during meal times. Her hobbies include trying to figure out just how to arrange herself so she can lay exactly on top of Janet during cuddle time and head-butting Janet's elbow whenever she tries to sweep up.


Born: Early Winter 2016

Color: cou clair/ peacock

Weight: 115 lbs

Beard? Yes!