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Harriet Tubman

Harriet was the smallest kid in a set of triplets at Caromont Farm who were chilled and lethargic after a difficult birth. She and her brother and sister needed some extra TLC to get on their feet, so they got to live in the house with Chewie's mom, Bella for a few days. Stephen and I brought her home with Angela's sister, Myrna Loy, at the beginning of June 2016 when they were just 3 months old.

Harriet is the queen of our herd.  She always gets her grains first and is enough of a diva that she insists on getting her minerals from a cup instead of competing with the other girls at the mineral trough.  Her distinctive markings include white highlighter over her eyes, adorable black and white knee-socks, and one scur.  One of her favorite pastimes is falling asleep on Janet.


Born: 2/23/2016

Color: roan chamoisee

Weight: 110 lbs

Beard? Yes