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February Challenge Wrap Up

Well, I completely misjudged just how long this scanning thing would take and I feel like my February challenge was a big ol' flop. I expected it would be something along the lines of: 1. Scan photos, 2. Save to Flickr, 3. Done.

Boy, was I wrong...

Instead, it was more:

1. Scan photos

2. Upload to Doxie app

3. Inspect/crop/brighten each individual photo & find photos that didn't scan well, set them aside for rescanning

4. Import to iPhoto

5. Compare what imported to iPhoto to Doxie app to identify photos that didn't import for some reason - about every 4th or 5th photo, sometimes whole sets

6. Individually re-import those photos

7. Upload to Flickr - this takes HOURS

8. Organize into albums within Flickr

9. Rescan photos that didn't come out well in the last batch and start scanning more new ones

10. Start process from the beginning...

Needless to say, I didn't get done. I didn't even get to the paperwork at all! There are still gobs of photos to get through and several boxes of papers. There were days I just couldn't look at the scanner because I was so frustrated.

HOWEVER, that's what this Year of Challenges is all about: focusing on just one thing for a month. I will continue to work on the photos and eventually the paperwork, but it just won't be my focus going forward - I'm on to the next thing!


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