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Stephen & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So, I receive a call this evening during my yoga class and it's Stephen. "Can you come home?" he says in a very worried voice. "I think I just broke my leg."

Ummm... WHAT?!?!

Talk about  a #PlotTwist.

So I race home to find several neighbors in our driveway with poor Stephen sitting on the gravel. Apparently, he was walking Chewie when he slipped in some mud at the same moment that Chewie yanked him the opposite direction. Stephen twisted as he fell and heard a "POP!"  The rescue squad shows up a few minutes after I arrive to whisk him off to the good doctors at UVA, and we discover that yes, his leg is broken.  In three places. And also dislocated. They reset it and splint him up and get us out the door just in time to beat a terrible winter storm home.

I have a lot of questions that cannot be answered right now, including:


OMG, how long will he be out of work?

How will we pay our mortgage?

Who's gonna feed these goats and walk these dogs when I'm at work?

How much is this all gonna cost?!?!

Stay tuned for updates!


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