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You Guys - We Made a Blog!

December 30, 2017

So yeah, this is our blog. We think we'd like to keep you up to date on what we're up to around The Gatwick. Bear in mind, a lot of this involves hoof trimming and barn mucking, but we hope there will be some more compelling stuff, too! 

For example, I want to start A Year of Challenges, so I'll post about those things here. Look for more information about that on January 1st!

For now, I'll leave you with this lovely photo of me headed out to give the girls breakfast yesterday. You could say it's a little cold here.


Happy New Year! A Year of Challenges!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year from all of us at The Gatwick! We wanted to welcome prosperity into the New Year, so what better way to start the day than with some silver dollars, am I right? :)

Last October I completed the 30-Day Minimalism Game and enjoyed it so much, I kept right on going through November. It felt good to go through and get rid of extraneous stuff, and by November 30th, I had ditched more than 2,200 things! Inspired by that experience, I thought wouldn't it be great to challenge myself with something new each month?  I've got LOTS of ideas, but I'm kicking off January with the Uber Frugal Month. Each day for 31 days, I'll receive an email with an action item, recommended reading, and a mantra, all designed to help save money and live more frugally so we can enjoy the really important things and reach some of our financial goals (new barn, anyone?) Today's mantra: Anything in life that's worth doing takes effort.

Also, I added a bunch of photos of and some info about Harriet!

Here's wishing all of you a safe, healthy, prosperous, New Year!



January 19, 2018

I've been busy as a bee uploading adorable goatos of Ruthie and Angela and generally updating their pages. What's a "goato?" you ask? Why, it's a goat photo, of course!

We've been dealing with some extreme (for us) cold and snowy weather over the last couple of weeks here at The Gatwick. The girls are super puffy to conserve their body heat, but they don't seem to mind the snow at all. Harriet likes to eat the snow off the fence, but she's a weirdo, so...

I'm still participating in the Uber Frugal Month and have been thinking about money differently, which I think a lot of people could benefit from, as well. There have been several "Oh yes, that really makes sense!" moments, but I'll leave you with this nugget:

"Consuming does not constitute a hobby or a skill, our material possessions do not define who we are, we are all capable of focusing our energies on productive, meaningful outlets.  We can all create instead of consume."  - Mrs. Frugalwoods



PS: links to follow, for some reason the site builder doesn't like me linking in the blog from my computer at home :/

PPS: Links done! - J

Some Days You're Just Lucky...

January 31, 2018

What's that weird thing in the photo, you ask? I'll tell ya, it's something I've wanted for a very long time. 

When I first learned that goats lose their baby teeth as they get older, I thought it would be kind of sweet to save one of their  little teeth. I realize it seems kind of strange, but human parents save their children's teeth, so what's really *that* different? Last year as each of the girls passed their first birthdays, they lost their front two teeth, but I missed it every time and came away empty handed. Today, I randomly checked their teeth just to make sure things were in good working order and I thought I saw that Ruth had a loose tooth. When I tried to take a closer look (goats aren't that keen on having you mess around with their faces) it popped right out and onto the ground! 

Today is the last day of the Uber Frugal Month and the tooth incident proves an important point: The best things in life really are free. I was so happy to be able to save this small reminder of our journey into farming and raising these goats from little doelings to full-on grown up girls. We've had our ups and downs, but we've gotten them through the most challenging parts and have healthy happy animals, which is all we really want in life. 

Stay tuned for my February challenge: The Scanning Party!

Stay warm,


February Challenge: Scanning Party!

February, 2018

One of the things we have a lot of around the ol' homestead is paper. Old bills, important documents, some vintage school-days correspondence and such, and LOTS of photos. This stuff takes up a lot of space and mental energy, and generally leaves us feeling really cluttered. For my February challenge, I've decided it's time to get rid of the paper!

Mostly, this will consist of scanning important documents and our precious photos and backing them up in a secure location. You ever know (or read about) someone who's experienced the trauma of a house fire and they always mention the heartbreaking loss of their irreplaceable photos? Yeah, that's not going to be us. 

I bought a scanner a couple of months ago and today was set up day. I realize that's not particularly "minimalist" of me, but I think this tool will really be useful to us on an ongoing basis and help minimize a lot of stuff that would otherwise just hang around taking up space.

Please note: my first ever scan is my 8th grade school picture ;-)

Stay tuned for updates, there's more than just scanning this month!